At Objective Technology we take pride in making High Tech systems Easy to Use with Verifiable results.

Functionality of our Real Time systems are Verified through our VSM Framework.

HPC-09 v6 Calculations are Verfied by  Discrepancy Detection, which Maturity Meters can't do.

Predictability is Everything:
Precast & In Situ Concrete Curing Support!
HPC-09 v6

Concrete Curing Technology

- Automate
Precast Concrete Curing!

- In-Situ Support with 2D & 3D Data

- Achieve Sustainable & Predictable Production

- Improve EPD Ratings

- Verifiable Results!

Automate the Curing Process...

Control &

Real Time Systems

- VSM Framework: Same Model Runs on
Windows & RT Modules:

- Visual Model simulates moving parts & IO

- State Model Controls Execution

- Visual Verification of Functionality!