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HPC-09 v4

14-05-2010: Objective Technology is proud to present version 4 of its advanced HPC-09 system. Version 4 has improved accuracy of predictions, and an improved report engine.

HPC-09 is a toolset to manage, monitor and control the production of Concrete Slabs. Using unique Plant specific Calibration Data and Production input Parameters, HPC-09 calculates expected Temperature and Compressive Strength Graphs. But HPC-09 also monitors the actual Temperature, Relative Humidity and Compressive Strength Graphs and produces detailed Excel Reports. HPC-09 helps saving energy, reducing carbon footprint and detect production anomalies at an early stage. In short, it is a key tool to help achieve a Sustainable Production line.

Concrete Curing Technology, Concrete Production Planning, Concrete Production Control, Concrete Production Documentation, Concrete Maturity Testing Equipment