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HPC-09 v4c

19-01-2011: Objective Technology is proud to present version 4c of its advanced HPC-09 system.  HPC-09 v4c extends the functionality by compensating for variations in bed heating that may occur with e.g. water based bed heating systems during winter conditions. 

You can read more about the HPC-09 Advanced Bed Heating here.

HPC-09 is a toolset to manage, monitor and control the production of Concrete Slabs. Using unique Plant specific Calibration Data and Production input Parameters, HPC-09 calculates expected Temperature and Compressive Strength Graphs. But HPC-09 also monitors the actual Temperature, Relative Humidity and Compressive Strength Graphs and produces detailed Excel Reports. HPC-09 helps saving energy, reducing carbon footprint and detect production anomalies at an early stage. In short, it is a key tool to help achieve a Sustainable Production line.

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