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2. generation HPC-09 Measurement Stations 

01-03-2011: Concrete Maturity Testing, Concrete Production Planning, Control and Documentation has just become even simpler:

Objective Technology is introducing our second generation Measurement Stations for HPC-09 v4. These high performance modern wireless measurement stations measures both surface and internal temperatures as well as Relative Humidity. As our previous generation, all data is transferred wirelessly for minimum deployment costs and maximum flexibility in use. The HPC-09 v4 Stations may also be used to remotely operate the HPC-09 v4 user interface for even more convenience! The HPC-09 v4 Stations support measurement of all kinds of concrete elements including concrete slabs and beams.  

Concrete Curing Technology, Concrete Production Planning, Concrete Production Control, Concrete Production Documentation, Concrete Maturity Testing Equipment