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HPC-09 v4e released

08-05-2012: Objective Technology proudly presents HPC-09 v4eHPC-09 is a system to plan, control, monitor  and document production parameters such as Maturity, Compressive Strength and Temperature of concrete slabs, bowls and pipes. HPC-09 also predicts Temperature and Compressive Strength development before production starts.

Building on the solid foundation of HPC-09 v4d,  we have managed to improve upon several features with HPC-09 v4e:

  • Improved user interface.
  • Improved presentation of data.
  • Improved handling of variation between beds.
  • Introduced an advanced Strength Look ahead feature
    • For cases where there are "extraordinary" variations in curing conditions.

All these improvements makes HPC-09 v4e even more flexible and powerful: Being able to estimate when curing has finished under "extraordinary" conditions is very useful: It turns out that these situations occur more frequently than one might think...

Concrete Curing Technology, Concrete Production Planning, Concrete Production Control, Concrete Production Documentation, Concrete Maturity Testing Equipment
Light Blue Graph shows HPC-09 v4e's Advanced Strength Look ahead.

Contact us for more information on how HPC-09 can help your production line become more efficient!