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HPC-09 v6 preview

24-09-2012: Objective Technology proudly presents HPC-09 v6

3D Graphics on our web-pages has hinted at it for some time now: Objective Technology has indeed been in the process of developing a new version of HPC-09: HPC-09 v6.

HPC-09 v6 builds on the solid foundation of HPC-09 v4, but adds 3D Calculation and Presentation of both Temperature and Strength Data, and many other cost saving features.

HPC-09  v6 is a system to plan, control, monitor  and document production parameters such as Maturity, Compressive Strength and Temperature of Concrete Slabs. HPC-09  v6 predicts Temperature and Compressive Strength development before production starts.

Read more about HPC-09 v6.