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HPC-09 v6 - Plant Optimization Experiences

After compiling data from several HPC-09 v6  Plant Optimization Service projects, we can now draw some conclusions:

  • By acting upon our Report findings, Operators will be able to Save in the order of 20 - 50% on Bed Heating alone.
    Many Operators are unaware of the strong correlation between Bed Covering and Curing Time.
  • Many Plants have too large variation in Water / Cement Ratio:
  • Excessive Bed Heating is used at the majority of Nordic Plants:HPC-09 v6  will calculate optimal values.
    • Our SMARTh Bed Heating Technology has made it possible to save even under demanding conditions.
  • Large Mix (Recipe) variations are often undetected: Variations may be caused Internal (Mixing Equipment) and / or External (C3A, C2S) variations.