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HPC-09 v6 Plant Optimization Project Con-Form Strømstad Sweden

We have completed a HPC-09 v6  Plant Optimization Service Project at Con-Form Strømstad in Sweden. Our Wireless Measurement Stations MS v4 (6 cm high) and MS v5 (3 cm high) was used in the project.

Con-Form's Production Manager, Magne Aarsland, contacted us since he had seen how HPC-09 v6 made Hollowcore Precast production Predictable at another plant some years ago. Con-Form produces walls and floors with thickness ranging from 50 to 95 mm. Hollowcore slabs typically has a thickness of 200 - 500 mm.

Con-Form has focus on Sustainability, and wondered if our system could be used make accurate Predictions on their production while minimizing Bed Heating. The challenge lies in that these thin slabs are even more sensitive to ambient temperature and late bed covering. After crunching some numbers, we felt confident that HPC-09 v6 would perform well and we accepted the challenge.

The crew at Con-Form Strömstad was very helpful and nice to work with. Using HPC-09 v6  Predictions considerable Bed Heating Savings potential was identified.

HPC-09 v6 Productions Statistics helped identifying factors that may lead to some inaccuracies in Compressive Strength calibration. Reducing these inaccuracies opens up further savings potential.

HPC-09 v6 Real Time Water / Cement ratio calculations helped verifying the stability of the Plant's W/C ratio.

The Production process using HPC-09 v6:

MS v5 is turned on and placed on the Concrete.
No wires to mess with!


MS v4 wirelessly Controls MS v5 and HPC-09 v6 Software: Press 1 when Casting Starts, 2 when Curing Starts

Casting Finished: Curing Starts. Cover Bed and Press 2 on MSv4: HPC-09 v6 Performs a Corrected Prediction, Controls Bed Heating and Displays Real-Time Temp & Strength



Below you can see data from HPC-09 v6 Reports. Real-time data is shown in the HPC-09 v6 user interface, but also live in or Web App that can be accessed from any device with a Web Browser:
iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet, PC and Mac computers etc. See https://lnkd.in/emsruTE