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HPC-09 v6 In Situ Version

Introducing a new version of HPC-09 v6 with Unique In-Situ Casting Support!

In-Situ curing of slabs are exposed to convection losses impossible to estimate before casting. The answer is to place several measurement probes. That works, but wastes resources. And you cannot detect Concrete Recipe Discrepancies whatever number of Sensors you place!

HPC-09 v6's answer is to place ONE Measurement Station at the Top of the Slab and use our advanced Math Engine to calculate and compensate for unknown Losses on the fly! Despite the difficult Curing Conditions, HPC-09 v6 can even detect Concrete Discrepancies using a new Technique!

To our knowledge, this has never been done before!

Objective Technology will also launch a Service where we can be hired on projects needing advanced 2D and 3D documentation of In Situ Curing.

See LinkedIn Post https://lnkd.in/gyYD8jj or  Watch the Video.