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HPC-09 v6 - Bed Heat Technology

Also read about HPC-09 v6 SMARTh Bed Heating.

There are many misconceptions regarding Bed Heating for curing of Hollow Core or Solid Concrete Slabs.

Read about these misconceptions and Traditional Bed Heat Technology at this link.

Read on, to see how HPC-09 v6 Bed Heating Technology can Revive an Old Bed Heating System to become even better than current New Bed Heating Systems!

HPC-09 v6 Bed Heat

So why does so many producers of Bed Heating systems use the Temperature of the Bed as a reference? The reason is simple: To know how many KW (or KW /m^2) that is transferred to the concrete, you must (among other things) know the Temperature Difference between of the Concrete and the Bed Water during the Complete Curing Cycle!

To our knowledge, none of the current bed heat suppliers have technology to compute the Temperature of the Concrete for the Curing Cycle:

But this is exactly what HPC-09 v6 does, and the system calculates the future Temperature of the Concrete using an advanced Mathematical Model and Finite Element Technology! It is the HPC-09 v6 Predictability Engine that makes this possible.

It is challenging to calculate the Temperature Gradient of a Hollow Core Slab when Bed Heating is used. The Bed Heat causes the air in the voids (channels) to become turbulent, which complicates calculations: We have developed our own model for to handle this scenario.

HPC-09 v6 Calculates and provides the exact amount of Bed Heat that is needed, no more and no less:

HPC-09 v6 Bed Heating:

  • Saves Time & Money compared to the traditional approach! This also makes the Energy Consumption Predictable!
  • Enables Discrepancy Detection. 

    Traditional Bed Heating:

  • Forces the Bed Heat to follow a Predetermined Temperature Curve (e.g. Ramp Up / Down)
  • Forcing Bed Heat will Cover Up Discrepancies: This is potentially both Expensive and Dangerous.

Bed Heating increases the Temperature Difference accross the slab: Reducing Bed Heating Time and / or Temperature, Decreasing Concrete Pouring Temperature or Prolonging Curing Time will reduce the Temperature Difference!

HPC-09 v6 2D or 3D Temperature Gradient Plots will help to determine the optimal combination of a) Bed Heating Time / Temperature b) Concrete Pouring Temperature and c) Curing Time before Casting is started: Thus, High Temperature Gradients can be found and avoided before Casting starts!

Red Graph: Slab Bottom Temperature. Yellow Graph: Slab Center Temperature . Blue Graph: Slab Lifting Zone Temperature. Black Graph: Max Difference (Gradient). 

HPC-09 Production Statistics

The Production Statistics will produce a report showing exactly how much and what kind of Bed Heat is used.