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A look at how HPC-09 v6 helps Save Energy to give a rapid payback of the initial Investment.

Note though, that Energy Savings is only one of the many ways HPC-09 v6 supports Lean Manufacturing!
The HPC-09 v6 Prediction Engine enables accurate Prediction of the amount of Bed Heat before Casting begins!
Read more about the HPC-09 v6 Intelligent Bed Heating system.

If Bed Heating is needed, HPC-09 v6 calculates the Minimum Bed Heat Time.
Click the Link to see an example where HPC-09 v6 calculated that 4 Hours Bed Heat i needed.
Saves up to 75%
Bed Bed Heat Energy
Compared to a 24*7 scenario (often found in Scandinavia), HPC-09 saves up to 75% energy!
300 Meter Beds:
~300.000 NOK Savings
Potential Bed Heat Savings is Propotional to the total Length of the Beds.
No Bed Heat Needed:
Calculates Min
Pouring Temperature
HPC-09 v6 calculates whether Bed Heating is needed or not.

If Bed Heating is Not needed, HPC-09 v6 calculates the Minimum Pouring Temperature needed.
Click the Link to see an example where HPC-09 v6 calculates the Pouring Temperature when No Bed Heat is used.
Saves Water / Agregate
Heat Energy
Reduces Heating of Concrete to a Minimum.
1 deg C Reduction Saves Considerable Energy
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HPC-09 v6