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In this presentation we focus on how HPC-09 v6 supports Lean Manufacturing Principles in the Curing Phase of the Concrete Slab Production Line.
By following the link here, you can read more about Lean Manufacturing and its background.
Lean Manufacturing Support is made possible through HPC-09 v6's Accurate Predictions.
TIMWOOD is an often used acronym that describes the 7 wastes that Lean Manufacturing attempts to reduce.

Here you can read about how HPC-09 v6 helps reduce 3 of the 7 Wastes:
* Defects
* Over-Processing
* Waiting

associated with the acronym DOW
Another way to ensure that strands (wires) are not cut to early, is to extend the curing time to be on the safe side.

HPC-09 v6 helps reducing this Waste by Predicting the actual Compressive Strength even before production starts, and in Real-time using Safe Maturity Calculation principles.
Experience shows that Excessive use of Bed Heating amounts to anything from 200.000 to 500.000 NOK a year for a typical Norwegian plant.

HPC-09 v6 reduces these costs with 25-75 %, amounting to an average saving of 300.000 NOK a year for a typical plant.
One example of Waste is scrap production due to Cutting strands (wires) too early . This waste has an implied cost of approximately 200.000 NOK per incident.

HPC-09 v6 Real Time Strength calculation and Discrepancy Detection helps reducing this waste!
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