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The ability to perform accurate Predictions of Temperature and Strength Development, is the basis for most of the Advanced features of HPC-09 v6.

In this presentation we look at some of these features.
The HPC-09 v6 feature set makes it a capable Lean Manufacturing Tool.
Before Production Starts:
Plan what Pouring Temperature and / or Bed Heat Time is needed to meet Curing Deadlines

Warns if Curing Deadline cannot be met With available Pouring Temperature and / or Bed Heat.
What If Analysis
Before Production Starts:
Predicts necessary Pouring Temperature to meet Curing Deadlines when Bed Heat is not used.

If necessary Pouring Temperature is not available, helps find the Curing Time with available Pouring Temperature.
Minimum Temperature
Saves Energy
HPC-09 v6 helps detect Concrete Mix Discrepancies.

Such Discrepancies may cause the Strength calculations to be invalid.

This may in worst case scenarios lead to strands (wires) coming loose with economical or even legal consequences
Safe Maturity
Scrap Rate
In the same way that HPC-09 v6 detects Discrepancies, it can help revealing how changes in a Mix Design changes Temperature / Strength development.

See "Detection of Discrepancies" link above.
Decide what Changes
Improves the Mix
Saves Time
Before Production Starts:
Predicts necessary Bed Heat Time to meet Curing Deadlines for a given Pouring Temperature.

Minimum Bed Heat
Saves Energy
Enough Bed Heat?
Production Capacity
Need to Increase
Pouring Temperature?
Production Capacity
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HPC-09 v6