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Concrete Quality Assessment Tool - HPC-09 COQAT

See the COQAT Video.

HPC-09 COQAT  calculates both Curing Quality and the WC (water / cement) Ratio.

WC Ratio calculation is experimental, but months of testing has shown that the HPC-09-COQAT  calculated WC is in good correspondence with manually calculated WC in a Lab.
The figures can often correspond within the 3 decimal after the comma (.).

Curing Quality is also calculated by giving a "Penalty" for 5 areas during the curing:

  • Bc: Early Phase Bed Covering
  • Do: Dormant Phase
  • Ac: Acceleration Phase
  • Di: Curing Discrepancies
  • Co: Bed Covering Consistency

 Each of the Bc, Do, Ac, Di and Co numbers adds to subtract from 100% Curing Quality.
Any number above 80% is very good. In the example below, the Curing Quality is if course low.
Is this number "Correct"? It is at least much better than the human notion "This curing was better than the previous, or yesterday's curing..."

And contrary to the human observations, the COQAT Curing Quality Calculation is consistent between curings

HPC-09-COQAT is a Free Standalone Tool that can import Raw Report Data from HPC-09 v6. Graphs can be Annotated and Comments can be attached to each Graph.
A collection of Graphs can be organized into a Project with project comments and saved to disk. The Project file (.hpc09G) can be sent to other Colleagues.

Even if all colleagues are not in the same location, you can all look at the same data and discuss over e.g. the phone to solve any problems.

When Data is imported into HPC-09-COQAT it automatically calculates a Curing Quality and the W/C Ratio from the Data!

In the example beow, the Bed Covering was removed from the concrete for 2 Hours causing the very low curing quality.
Read the Graph Comment for the "Measured Relative Humidity" Graph in the COQAT Tool,

See our LinkedIn Post regarding HPC-09-COQAT at this link.