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HPC-09 v6 - Short List of Savings

The following is a non-exhaustive list of Savings that may be achieved by introducing HPC-09 v6 into the Curing Phase of the Concrete Slab Production Line:

  1. Minimize Concrete Pouring Temperature
  2. Minimize use of Bed Heat (when used)
  3. Minimize Temperature in Production Environment
  4. Minimize Production Scrap Rate
  5. Minimize Time to Test new Mix Designs (Recipes)
  6. Maximize Production Capacity (Accurate Predictions of Curing Time)
  7. Revive Old Bed Heat System (Beats any New System on the Market)
  8. Increased Customer Recognition through Detailed Reports  

    ® Mixing Station Reports Documents what should happen...
    ® HPC-09 v6 Reports Documents what did happen!

  9. Save Time & Money by Tracking down Problems Faster through the Detailed Reports!

  10. Improve EPD ratings through Reduced Energy Consumption
    ® Increases your Competitive Strength!

  11. Satisfy Regulations regarding Max  Temperature Difference (20 deg. C) across Slab
    ® Documentation of Facts Increases your Competitive Strength!

  12. Less Manual Labor: HPC-09 v6 used to Document Strength rather than Manual Tests
    ® Control Authority in e.g. Norway allows this when low Standard Deviation between Cube Tests & HPC-09 vg can be documented
    ® Spot Tests to control accuracy will be needed

  13. Traceability: Detailed Documentation makes it possible to track down problems faster!

  14. Documented Strength of Slab Lifting Zone
    ® Control Authority may require this to allow lifting of slab through this technique
    ®  Lack of documentation may force you to change lifting systgem: Expensive!