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HPC-09 v6 - Lean Economy Factors

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We have previously seen how HPC-09 v6 supports the Lean concept by reducing the DOW wastes (Defects, Over-processing and Waiting).
Remember that Lean Manufacturing Support is made possible through HPC-09 v6's Accurate Predictions.

Let's now focus on the DOW wastes, and look at the magnitude of the savings achieved by HPC-09 v6:

HPC-09 v6 reducing Defects

Cutting strands too early

Wasted production due to these incidents has an implied cost of approximately 200.000 NOK per incident. The frequency of these incidents increases whenever a new Concrete Mix is introduced, and goes down as the Mix stabilizes. For typical Norwegian plant, we estimate an average of 4 incidents a year. If HPC-09 v6 eliminates 50% of these incidents it spells a cost saving of 400.000 NOK a year.

Cracks and Loss of Humidity

The figures for wasted production due to these incidents has not been established yet. HPC-09 v6 will indeed help reducing these incidents as follows:

  • Cracks: HPC-09 v6 calculates the maximum temperature difference across the slab before production start, making it possible to avoid curing scenarios that causes cracking!
  • Loss of Humidity: HPC-09 v6 detected worn Bed Coverings by documenting the relative humidity under the covering. Thus worn coverings may be replaced before they cause any damage to the production.

HPC-09 v6 reducing Over-processing

Excessive use of Bed Heating

Our experience shows that  Excessive use of Bed Heating amounts to anything from 200.000 to 500.000 NOK a year for a typical Norwegian plant. HPC-09 v6 reduces these costs with 25-75 %, amounting to an average saving of 300.000 NOK a year.

Savings in the order of €100 per Bed Meter per Year may be achieved for countries with cold winters. These figures varies with the cost of the bed heat energy.

Excessive use of Cement

This waste has two main roots:

  • Use of excessive amounts of cement to ensure curing within targeted curing time
  • Old / faulty Mixing equipment

HPC-09 v6 has helped detecting  cement wastes in the order of 1000 metric tonne a year, amounting to 1 Million NOK a year.

Excessive Pouring Temperature

The root of this waste is also the need to meet the production deadline. The magnitude of these wastes has not been established yet.  HPC-09 v6 helps reducing this waste by calculating the minimum pouring temperature needed to meet the production deadline.

Reducing the above wastes also increases the Quality of the end product!

HPC-09 v6 reducing Waiting

Another way to ensure that strands are not cut to early, is to extend the curing time to be on the safe side.  HPC-09 v6 helps reducing this waste by calculating the actual Compressive Strength in Real-time using Safe Maturity Calculation principles.

The cost associated with this waste varies greatly with labor cost, project urgency and other factors. We have not established the savings potential in this area yet.