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Concrete Plant Optimization Services

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Through our Concrete Plant Optimization Service, we offer a plant survey where we employ our HPC-09 technology to help you save money.

These services are tailored to help you save money whether you choose to permanently install HPC-09 or not: Of course, only a permanent installation will help you achieve the maximum possible savings! 

We will help you to find near optimal management of both the intrinsic concrete heat and bed heating (if used) thereby saving energy, money and reducing CO2 emissions.

HPC-09 will also reveal any anomalies in temperature and compressive strength development which may stem from e.g. variations in the concrete mix, faulty bed coverings, problems with mixing station weights or other hard to spot causes. 

HPC-09 has repeatedly revealed discrepancies when it was least expected, helping plants to take corrective action before serious problems develop.

Early corrective actions is the key to saving even more money!

Contact us, and we will give you an offer on our Concrete Plant Optimization Service.