HPC-09 v6 vs Maturity Meters


HPC-09 v6 helps both in the Planning and Execution Phase to Optimize your Production.
HPC-09 v6 Predicts both the Temperature and Maturity (Compressive Strength) before production starts, and also in Real Time during Production. In addition, the Validity of the Maturity (Compressive Strength) calculations can be Verified through our Discrepancy Detection. A Maturity Meter only calculates an unverifiable Strength!

Feature HPC-09 v6 Maturity
Automatically Calculate & Provide Min. amount of Bed Heat.
During Casting and Curing Saving 25 – 75% of energy from a 24x7 scenario.
 energy from a 24x7 scenario.
Automatically Calculate correct Min. Concrete Pouring Temperature. V X
Accurately Predict Concrete Temperature Development before Casting Starts --> Planning! V X
Planning tool to Plan needed Pouring Temperature, Bed Heat (if any),Bed Cover Thickness & Material. V X
Planning tool to reduce Casting Bed Heat& Pouring Temperature V X
Visualize Temperature & Strength Development in 2D & 3D before production starts. (Blue Graph) V V(2D)
Visualize in 2D & 3D effect of Bed Heat, Bed Cover & Ambient Temp. on Max & Slab Cross Sectional Temp. Difference: NS-EN 13369<= 20 C. V X
Detect Curing Discrepancy where Maturity Strength Calculation cannot be Trusted! V X
Support LEAN Production Principles V X
Software to Calculate Calibration Parameters in 15 - 45 minutes. V X
Production Statistics w. automatic calculation of Strength Standard Deviation V X
Use Normal Production Measurements as Calibration Files.
Cube Strengths entered in UI during production Automatically becomes part of Production Statistics.
Monitoring of Bed Heat for each bed with Detection of anomalies. V X
Monitoring of Production Ambient Temperature with Prediction of Production Ambient Temperature for more accurate Predictions V X
Advanced Reports V V(Some)
Mobile Support V V(Some)