HPC-09 v6 Concrete Technology


HPC-09 v6 is the ultimate system to keep your Concrete Slab Production on Track while minimizing Pouring Temperature and Bed Heating (if used) to Save Time & Money:
Optimize your Production to achieve Sustainability!

Compared to Maturity Meters.

Using HPC-09 v6:
The Operator can enter data for each Production Line at the start of the day. Optionally What-If analysis can be performed to analyze the best approach to meet production deadlines. Data may either be watched in the Main User Interface, or through our Web App on any Device with a Web Browswer (iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, PC or Mac)

This Video shows the Initial Steps taken by the Operator to Register Data for a Production Line: It takes 15 seconds for a trained operator.

When the Planning Phase is finished, HPC-09 v6 is Remote Controlled from the Measurement Stations (MS).

This Video shows the 2D & 3D Tempreature and Strength Predictions calculated. Notice that strength at Middle Top is the same as the strength at the lower left / right where the most critical wires (strands) are located!

When Casting on a Bed Starts, the MS switch is turned to position 1 to indicate this. HPC-09 v6 will then control Bed Heating as required.

This Video shows the calculations & control performed when casting starts, when casting is finished and the MS is placed 5 meters from the end of the Bed under the Bed Covering. We also simulate a Discrepancy and show how the system helps identify the problem. .

Finally this Video shows Production Statistics and the Report for a Production Line.

HPC-09 v6 may achieve Savings in the order of €100 per bed meter per year in Bed Heating alone! Furher savings is achieved through optimized production with reduced waste production (e.g. wire slippage).

HPC-09 v6 will Revive inefficient Bed Heat Systems with Equal or Higher Eficency and Lower Cost than buying a new modern system!

HPC-09 v6 is proven through more than 12 months of field operations. References on request.

HPC-09 v6 supports both Hollow Core and Solid Slabs (walls & floors) and Any number of Beds / Production Lines.

HPC-09 v6 has no real competitors in the market.