HPC-09 v6 Concrete Technology


HPC-09 v6 is the ultimate system to keep your Concrete Slab Production on Track while minimizing Pouring Temperature and Bed Heating (if used) to Save Time & Money:
Optimize your Production!

Compared to Maturity Meters.

Using HPC-09 v6:
The Operator can enter data for each Production Line at the start of the day. Optionally What-If analysis can be performed to analyze the best approach to meet production deadlines.

This Video shows the Initial Steps taken by the Operator to Register Data for a Production Line: It takes 15 seconds for a trained operator.

When the Planning Phase is finished, HPC-09 v6 is Remote Controlled from the Measurement Stations (MS).

This Video shows the 2D & 3D Tempreature and Strength Predictions calculated. Notice that strength at Middle Top is the same as the strength at the lower left / right where the most critical wires (strands) are located!

When Casting on a Bed Starts, the MS switch is turned to position 1 to indicate this. HPC-09 v6 will then control Bed Heating as required.

This Video shows the calculations & control performed when Casting starts, and when casting is finished and the MS is placed 5 meters from the end of the Bed under the Bed Covering. We also simulate a Discrepancy and show how the system helps identify the problem through.

Finally this Video shows Production Statistics and the Report for a Production Line.

HPC-09 v6 may achieve Savings in the order of €100 per bed meter per year in Bed Heating alone! Furher savings is achieved through optimized production with reduced waste production (e.g. wire slippage).

HPC-09 v6 will Revive inefficient Bed Heat Systems with Equal or Higher Eficency and Lower Cost than buying a new modern system!


HPC-09 v6 is proven through more than 12 months of field operations. References on request.

HPC-09 v6 supports both Hollow Core and Solid Slabs (walls & floors) and Any number of Beds / Production Lines.

HPC-09 v6 has no real competitors in the market.