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Can Maturity Calculations be Trusted?

To calculate the Compressive Strength of concrete using the Maturity Method, calibrations must be performed. These calibrations establish the relationship between Temperature and Strength for a specific Concrete Mix. If the Concrete Mix changes, new calibrations may have to be performed.

Thus, the calculated Compressive Strength is only valid for the specific Concrete Mix Family used in the calibration! A Concrete Mix Family is all Mixes that strength-wise behaves as the Mix we calibrated against! (These are Mixes with small variations from the original Mix).

Now to the critical question: How do you know that your Concrete Mix has not changed inadvertently? If the mix indeed has changed, the Compressive Strength calculations may not be valid any more!

The answer is simple: Using simple Maturity Calculations alone you do not know! That means that if you are using simple Maturity Meters, you cannot trust the strength calculations, since you have no means of validating your Concrete Mix!

HPC-09 v6 has means of Discrepancy Detection that reveals the most usual forms of Concrete Mix variations and provides Safe Maturity Calculations! HPC-09 v6 combined with the Quality Control Regime of the plant provides the best Quality Control of your end product.

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