VcaSde Benefits

Benefits of using VcaSde for the High Level Control Flow of Windows & Xamarin Apps & Applications:

VcaSde is with you in all steps of App and Application Development: Design, Implementation, Debugging, Monitoring & Reports.

VcaSde makes Reuse Possible and Easy: Any Software Module can be Reused!

More benefits:

  • Visual High Level Design of Program Flow
  • Visual High Level Debug Execution of Program Flow
    • Design & Execution always in synch:
      Diagrams are stored in Executable (~60 Kb)
  • Remote Monitoring of your App via Email Reports!
  • Control App Execution from VcaSde:
    • Enable / Disable Breakpoints
    • Enable / Disable Single Stepping
    • Enable / Disable Reports
    • Retrive Reports in VcaSde
    • Receive Repors via Email
    • Print Diagrams & Reports
  • Debug your Phone App over WiFi:
  • Support for Diagrams in Parallel Processes!
  • Use our State Diagram Context Pattern for:
    • Module Separation
    •  Elegant Coding

Make your Ideas Fly with VcaSde!

Why Start looking for a Bug in the Haystack, when you can get a Birds Eye View First?

Introduce VcaSde into your App Development Process!