VcaSde Introduction

VcaSde consists of :

  • A State Diagram Editor & Debugger (VcaSde Central) and
  • A Slim (~60K) State Diagram Execution Engine (VcaSde Runtime)
    • Supports Parallell and Nested State Diagrams

Believe you can't use State Diagram Top Down Design: You need to work Bottom up?

Read about the Benefits of using VcaSde!

See how the VcaSde State Diagram Context Pattern simplifies Xamarin App & Windows Application Development!

Let's dive a little deeper into the VcaSde structure and slogans:

Imagine - Visualizing Windows & Xamarin App Design & Execution

  • VcaSde not only provides a Diagram at Design time, but also at Run-time for both Windows Applications and Xamarin Apps
    • Android and iOS tested so far, but all Xamarin supported platforms should work: We will test more platforms.

You draw Diagrams in the VcaSde Central and the Central generates Source Code where the Diagram is also stored and becomes an integral part of the executable!.

Imagine - Diagrams that Documents both Code and Execution

  • The VcaSde Runtime Executes the Diagram generated by the VcaSde Central: Diagrams and Execution Flow is in synch!

Imagine - Diagrams that are Integral to your Code: Never out of synch

  • When starting a Windows or Xamarin App in Debug Mode, the Runtime sends the Diagram stored in executable over the network (WiFi) to the VcaSde Central where you can control Execution: Breakpoints, Single Stepping, Reports etc.


Read more about the rich feature set of VcaSde by Downloading VcaSde (30 day trial) with documentation, or download only the documentation.

Wonder why we created VcaSde?


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