VcaSde Overview

Below you will find short descriptions and videos featuring the various aspects of VcaSde:

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Why Start looking for a Bug in the Haystack,
when you can get a Birds Eye View first?

Announcing VcaSde:
Visually Design, Execute & Debug at a Birds Eye View, then Dive into the Details when you have Homed in!
Xamarin & Windows Support.


VcaSde makes your Xamarin & Windows App Ideas Fly...
VcaSde Visualizes Design & Execution (in sync!): All the way from Design to Operation (Monitoring)!
Remote Monitoring, Bug Reports sent via Email with Custom Data & Execution History!.


This Phone is about to Reveal it's Inner Secrets...
VcaSde is the First System that helps Creating Apps that Document Program Flow!
The implication of Creating Apps that Visualize Design & Execution can hardly be overrated!

VcaSde Fosters Reuse of Solutions!
Nesting States can Call any other State Diagram! 

Visualize Windows & Xamarin App Design & Execution -
State Diagram Context Pattern Minimizes Inter-module Dependencies.
1-3 lines of Code in View & State Diagram
Plug in any number of Views!


Editing a State Diagram


The 5 State Types and Code Generation
When VcaSde generates source, it stores the Diagram in the source:
No round-trip engineering: The Diagram is by design the ground truth!


Start Xamarin App with 2 Parallell Diagrams in Debug Mode
Diagrams are Transferred to VcaSde Central where execution and debuging is controlled.

VcaSde is Non-Intrusive
Use State Diagram only where needed!

Diagrams in 2 Parallell Processes & Reports
Windows App, but Xamarin App has the same features!


More material will be added very soon.....