VcaSde Examples

VcaSde comes with 5 examples that can be downloaded: See our Downloads Page. You need to register to get access to these examples.

This page will also contain descriptions of Examples that users provide for download to the benefit of everyone. We may also provide other examples here.

These are the current examples that can be downloaded: (Note: All files have a Date Part at the end of the filename not shown below)

Test the HouseBuildingApp (Windows) and HouseBuildingAppX (Xamarin) examples first: They are small and demonstrate usage of the State Diagram Context Pattern.

  • AddressBook
    • File:
    • Main State Diagram: StateDiagramAddressBook.cs
    • A simple Address Book Windows Example using two Parallel State Diagrams running in separate Threads
  • AddressBook_InProcess
    • File:
    • Main State Diagram: StateDiagramAddressBookInProcess.cs
    • The Windows AddressBook Example where with one State Diagram running in the GUI Thread.
  • AddressBookX
    • File:
    • The AddressBook Example for Xamarin Forms. So far tested for Android and iOS.
  • HouseBuilding
    • File:
    • Main State Diagram: SdHouseBuilding.cs
    • A Windows State Diagram representing a simplified model of the States involved when Building a House.
  • HouseBuildingApp
  • HouseBuildingAppX

Initially it is easiest to test the Windows Examples: All the examples are precompiled, so you can run them directly without compiling.

To be able to run the Windows Examples without recompiling them, you must follow the instructions below:
You can then Run the Examples "out of the box" using the "Run App" Icon : See below.

  • Executable files (assemblies) downloaded from the internet will be Blocked by Windows:
    • Right Click "" and Click Properties.
    • In the Properties Dialog Click Unblock as described here.
  • Extract the Examples to folder: C:\VcaSdeExamples as shown below:
  • Unzip the Windows Examples ZIP files to C:\ so that the examples structure looks like this:
    • C:\VcaSdeExamples\AddressBook
    • C:\VcaSdeExamples\AddressBook_Inprocess
    • C:\VcaSdeExamples\HousBuilding
    • C:\VcaSdeExamples\HousBuildingApp
  • Start VcaSde
  • Open e.g. the HouseBuildingApp Project from:
    • C:\VcaSdeExamples\HouseBuildingApp\HouseBuildingApp.sdepro
  • This Video shows how to Start and Run the Housebuilding Application (and many more features)
  • Click the Icon in the Toolbar to select "Pipe Debug Server"
  • Click the Icon to to Start a Named Pipe Debug Server (Watch Messages at the bottom of the Windows)
  • Click the  Icon to Enable Debugging.
  • The Main State Diagram, SdHouseBuildingApp must be Selected in the Project before you continue!
  • Click the Run App  Icon. For the HousBuilding State Diagram Example, Click the  Icon!   (See Note 1 below)
  • You will then see a Windows Forms Windows open (except for the HousBuilding State Diagram), and a Diagram opens in VcaSde. This Diagram is sent from your Application to VcaSde!
  • Now Click the  Icon to Start Execution of the Application:
    • The State Diagram starts in Debug Mode with Stepping Enabled!
    • Note that you can Navigate the Diagrams and Set Breakpoints wherever you want before Starting Execution!

For more info on Running Applications and State Diagrams open the Html Help in a Browser by Pressing F1.

Note that the Xamarin Examples must be started from the Phone they are Deployed on, or from Visual Studio if you are Deploying to an Emulator (Simulator). They also need to be recompiled. For more information see the documentation! You cannot use the "Run App" Icon to start Xamarin Apps! You must also start a Socket Debug Server!

Separate Documentation for the Examples will be available soon. For now, see the Documentation in the Source Code!