You can purchase VcaSde at this link.

The current version is 1.0. Get a Free 30 Day Trial from our  Download Page.

All 1.x versions are free upgrades that can be downloaded from at the link above.

We offer upgrades between the different VcaSde types: Basic, Standard and Pro within the same Major Version Number: This means that you can upgrade from 1.x Basic to 1.x Standard or 1.x Pro, but not to any 2.x version whenever it is released.

A list of features of the Pro version can be found here.

Version  Price  Feature Limitations 
Pro NOK 1600  None 
Standard  NOK 1100 No Parallel State Diagrams
No Multiple Instances
Basic  NOK 600  No Nesting States
No Reports
No Parallel State Diagrams
No Multiple Instances 
Trial (30 Days) 


Same as Standard Version
No Editing of State and Transition Names 

Prices above are in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). Example Currency Converter.

Upgrade between Versions

You may upgarde to any higher version for a fixed extra cost of NOK 150:

  1. An upgrade from Basic to Standard costs NOK 150 + (Price of Standard Version - Price of Basic Version)
  2. An upgrade from Standard to Pro costs NOK 150 + (Price of Pro Version - Price of Standard Version)
  3. An upgrade from Basic to Pro costs NOK 150 + (Price of Pro Version - Price of Basic Version)

If you have upgarded from Basic to Standard, you must still pay as in 2. above to upgrade from your Standard to the Pro version.

VcaSde Supported Platforms

VcaSde Central runs on Windows only. However, the code generated by VcaSde Central can be compiled with Visual Studio to run Windows Applications or Xamarin Apps via our SdRun Runtime assembly (100kb).

Currently (2017-05-15) we have only tested on iOS and Android, but SdRun should work on all Xamarin supported platforms, as it contains no special features. We will test Windows Apps in the near future!

Windows 10 Installation

On Windows 10 you might see the following Dialog, despite the fact that VcaSde is Digitally Signed by a Comodo SHA-256 Certificate!

You are only presented with a "Dont't Run" Button, but Click the smaller "More Info" Button and select the "Run anyway" Button. You will then also see that the App is indeed Signed and the Publisher is Objective Technology.

It is beyond us why Microsoft does this, and this problem does not only apply to our software. See this Discusion:

Quote: "Based on some of the information in the Google search results, it looks like a Microsoft database is checked (via an Internet connection) and updated with each install of your program. The reputation score for your signing certificate increases over time and eventually the SmartScreen warning goes away."

Trial Version

You can download a copy of VcaSde from our Download Page. The downloaded copy will work as a Trial for 30 days. Note that you must have an Internet Connection to activate the Trial. After the Trial period has finished, you may Purchase a Product Key for the Basic, Standard or Pro version.

VcaSde Licensing

The VcaSde Product Key is bound to the Windows Computer you are installing the software on (just like Windows itself). You can transfer a Product Key to other computers 3 times.

Running VcaSde in a Virtual Machine

Licensing in a Virtual Machine is a bit difficult. Virtual Machines can be used to circumvent licensing. However, as many programmers today use VMs, VcaSde can be installed and run on a Virtual Machines. However, to control the licsensing in this environment, the following must be satisfied:

  1. The VM must be connected to the Internet while running VcaSde in the VM.
  2. Do not run two or more VMs with the same "fingerprint", and the same VcaSde Product Key, at the same time:
    • VcaSde will eventually detect this and your Product Key will be revoked.

See the list of Tested VMs below.

Tested Virtual Machines (VMs)

These are the VMs we have tested as of 2017-05-15:

  1. VMWare Workstation 10, 12.5
  2. Windows 10 Hyper-V  
  3. Oracle VirtualBox 5

End User License Agreement (EULA)

You must accept the EULA before buying on the Payment Page.
This is a Link to the EULA if you want to read it now.

Installation & Digitial Signatures

VcaSde has a Digital Codesigning Certificate that proves that the software originates from Objective Technology. After installation, you may right click each Assembly (.exe and .dll) file in the installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Objective Technology\VcaSde) and select Properties: There should be a Tab "Digital Signatures" which should show the following. If this Signature is missing please notify us at our Forum.

When you install the software, you should see this Windows Dialog:

If you don't see this dialog, and the software was downloaded from our page, please notify us at our Forum.

Unverified software will display the Dialog below, and may contain viruses: