Imagine - Visualizing Windows & Xamarin App Design & Execution

Imagine - Diagrams that Documents both Code and Execution

Imagine - Diagrams that are Integral to your Code: Never out of synch

Enter the power of VcaSde:

  • A State Diagram Editor, Code Generator & Multiprocess Runtime for Windows & Xamarin
  • Visual Divide & Conquer at Design & Run-Time!
  • Integrates well with existing Patterns: MVC, MVVM, Mediator...
  • Easier to use and maintain than current State Machine Technology:
  • Don't take our word for it: Download and try!

VcaSde delivers non-intrusive, easy to use diagrams stored in generated code; capturing and supporting dynamics of multi process applications.

Believe you can't use State Diagram Top Down Design: You need to work Bottom up?

May 22. 2017: VcaSde is released!

Start Reaping the benefits

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