Outlander PHEV SMS Remote

The "Outlander PHEV SMS Remote" App (SMS Remote App) enables True Remote Control of the Mitsubishi "Outlander PHEV Remote Control" App (PHEV App) via SMS (Text Messages) to Preheat the Car from virtually anywhere!

  • Extend the 20 meter (60 feet) Range of the "Outlander PHEV Remote Control" App to Preheat the car from virtually anywhere!
  • Proper Preheating in Cold Weather Enables more Driving on Pure Electricity and thus Saves on Fuel!

Installation Instructions. can be found at this link!

User Guide for the "Outlander PHEV SMS Remote" App can be found at this link.

Optional Tuning of the App for best Heating / Cooling performance and Battery life can be found at this link.

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The "PHEV App" can be downloaded for free on Play Store.

Place a cheap Android Phone with the PHEV App and SMS Remote App installed in the car (Car Phone).

SMS Messages to Control Heating or Cooling can be sent from any Phone that can send SMS Messages!

The App is optimized for long phone Battery Life: The Samsung Galaxy Young 2 can typically survive > 7 days in the car with no power connected!


  1. Heating or Cooling can be controlled via SMS (Text) Messages from virtually anywhere!
  2. Heat or Cool the car for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 minutes
  3. Get feedback via SMS on Heating / Cooling status
  4. Automatically detects and reports when "Door Open" aborts Heating / Cooling
  5. Will report Low Battery Conditions for the Phone in the Car.
  6. Request Phone Battery Status
  7. Control who can Send SMS Commands to the Car through the Car Phone's Contact List
  8. Enable more driving on Pure Electricity!

Extended Features

  1. Movement Alarm Reported over SMS
  2. New Free "Outlander PHEV SMS Utility" App shows Car Position and Movement Alarms.

See Description of the Extended Features.

This App has helped us with Proper Pre-heating of our Test PHEV wherever we go: In this way we have achieved to drive 2040 km on 35.3 Liters of fuel during the winter season: This is equivalent to:

  • 1.73 Liters / 100 km
  • 135.9 Miles / US Gallon
  • 163.3 Miles / Imperial Gallon

The PHEV App operates via short range (20 meters / 60 feet) WiFi, thus true Remote Control is not possible: This is achieved via the SMS Remote App!

The PHEV App allows you to control several aspects of the Outlander PHEV vehicle: Among other things, Heating or Cooling of the Car can be controlled.

The Outlander PHEV (OP) has a 50 km (30 miles) range on the battery alone. In cold weather below 5 C (41 F), the OP will start the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to heat the car. This can be avoided by Preheating the Car from anywhere using the SMS Remote App!

This has been discussed at length on this forum..

However, Preheating from the PHEV App can only be done when close to the car: True Remote control is not possible using the PHEV App alone. This is solved by the "Outlander PHEV SMS Remote Control" App!