Outlander PHEV SMS Utility

The Free "Outlander PHEV SMS Utility" App (SMS Utility App) works in conjunction with the Extended Features of the "Outlander PHEV SMS Remote" App to report Alarms and upon Request Report Position of the Car Phone (and ultimately the Car).

Also see the Description of the Extended Commands for the SMS Remote App.

The SMS Utility App must be installed on Your Phone, while the SMS Remote App is installed on the Phone in the Car (Car Phone).

Note Your Phone must have Internet access to display Map Data!


  1. Just Install the App from Google Play.
  2. You need to Add the Phone Number of the Car Phone to the Contact List of Your Phone and mark the Entry as a Favorite

The Car Phone Number in the Contact List MUST be entered as follows
+<Country Code><PhoneNumber>

If your Country Code = 47, and the Car Phone Number is 12345678, the number in the Contact List should be: +4712345678


 The App is very easy to use; it has only two buttons:

  1. Navigate
    • Long Press this Button to bring up Google Maps with a Navigation from Your Phone's Location to the Location of the Car Phone (ultimately in the car!).
    • Note that a #Position# command must have been sent and a Position must have been received before a Navigation can take place.
  2. Sat On / Off
    • Long Pressing this Button turns On / Off Map Satellite Data.

When the App is opened for the first time, there will be no Position Data, and this will be reported in the Message Text Field.

Usage Scenarios

  • Send a #Position# command from Your Phone to the Car Phone.
    • When a Position Response is received from the Car Phone, the SMS Utility App will automatically Open and Display the Position of the Car Phone on the Map. See the Picture to the right.
    • Note that, depending on the location of the Car Phone, it may take up to 60 seconds to receive Position Data.
  • The SMS Utility App User Interface is closed when pressing the Back Button on the Phone or when performing other actions on your phone.
    • However, the SMS Utility App is running in the background and will open up when receiving Alarms or Position Data from the SMS Remote App.
  • Reopen the SMS Utility App by tapping on the Shortcut to the App: When the App opens, it will show the last Position or Alarm received from the SMS Remote App.
    • The current position of the "Sat On/Off" button will be remembered when the App opens.